Lecture 9: The Temple, the Ark of the Covenant and Sacrifice - Any Relevance Today? (Ch 25-31)
  • Why is the Priestly School identified as being the writers of these chapters?
  • Why are the descriptions of how to build the temple (precise dimensions, materials,
    colours) so detailed? Where does the ark sit? And where is the Mercy Seat and the
    Veil of the Temple?
  • Originally the word "sacrifice" meant 'to make holy'. How is it now days when we talk
    of making sacrifices we usually mean going without things?
  • What do we think about the definitions of Holiness as "wholesomeness" and "completeness"?
  • What were the different forms of sacrifice used by the Israelites and what was their significance?
    Does it have any meaning for us today? Does the eating of the sacrificial lamb (communion with
    God through eating) have meaning for Christians?
  • Why did the prophets sometimes attack the rituals and sacrifices of the Israelites (especially
    Amos and Isaiah)?
  • Why is Jesus depicted as High Priest in the letter to the Hebrews? What is the significance of
    Jesus’ blood?
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