Lecture 8: The Covenant at Mt Sinai (Ch 19-24)
  • How does the Yahwist account of God on the mountain differ to the Elohist account?
  • What is the original meaning of ‘Covenant’ and how does the use of this word throw light
    on Israel’s attempt to define its relationship with God?
  • The Ten Commandments were called the Ten Words / Decalogue. How many times does the
    Decalogue appear (differently) in the Jewish Scriptures? How is the Decalogue the sign of the
    Covenant with Moses, just as the rainbow is the sign of the covenant for Noah and circumcision
    the sign for Abraham?
  • In what way does the giving of the law on Mt. Sinai throw light on the meaning of Pentecost for Christians?
  • Jesus interprets the law as a liberating gift from God. What did he say is the most important law
    that summarises the rest and all the prophets?
  • The early Catholic church in its catechesis focused more on the Creed and Our Father. When did the ten commandments and seven sacraments emerge as helpful ways to explain the faith?
  • The Lex Talionis (law of retaliation – “eye for an eye”) is first mentioned here. Was this law harsh and
    inhuman or was it a humanitarian statement intended to protect the slaves and the poor?
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