Lecture 7: The Wilderness Tradition (Ch 16-18)
  • What does it mean to be in the wilderness? What are the positive and negative connotations?
    Does this relate to us today?
  • How is it that the Israelites show such lack of faith given that they are the recipients of
    God’s extraordinary wonders?
  • After the Israelites begin to complain in the wilderness, how does God's providence
    show itself? What is His purpose for doing this?
  • What is "Manna" and what are its physical attributes? How do we account for the astonishing
    ability of "Manna" to satisfy everyone?
  • What New Testament food does the "Manna" foreshadow and how is its association with Christian
    tradition in the Eucharist clarified?
  • What are the names given to the place of grumbling and rebellion against God and how did God
    act in response to the Israelites on this occasion?
  • Whom does Moses appoint to lead the Israelites in combat against the Amalekites and why was
    the lifting and lowering of Moses' arm crucial to winning the battle?
  • Who came to visit Moses in the wilderness and what good advice was Moses offered? Is this in
    any way relevant for the church today?
  • How does Israel's experience in the desert reflect the continuing nourishment offered to us, when
    we open our hearts to God?
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