Lecture 6: The Crossing of the Sea of Reeds (The Red Sea) (Ch 13-15)
  • Why do we think it was called The Sea of Reeds and not The Red Sea?
  • Why was the parting of the Sea of Reeds a turning point in Israel's history and what makes
    us think that this took place about 1200 BCE?
  • This story is the melding of three different authors (J, E, P) in different times – what is their
    different emphases and which one is Cecil B DeMille?
  • Why is the crossing the most powerful Jewish Scriptures foreshadowing of the "Sacrament of Baptism"?
  • Why do Catholics read this story at the Easter Vigil Mass?
  • What is the significance of Moses carrying Joseph’s bones to the "Promised Land"?
  • How does this event give us a deeper understanding of God’s true liberating power?
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