Lecture 4: The First 9 Plagues of Egypt (Ch 7-10)
  • In Martin Luther’s day where could you still find some of "The Darkness" that was spread over Egypt?
  • How many plagues were there in the older “J” source of Exodus and why are they grouped into 3’s?
    Why is the "P" source more dramatic?
  • Why does Walter Brueggemann think the plagues are the most important part of the book of Exodus?
  • What are the parallels between Moses’ struggle with Pharaoh and the civil rights movement in the U.S.
    and the empowering of the poor in Latin America?
  • Why does Terrence Fretheim say some of the plagues foreshadow a “New Creation” for the Israelites?
  • Did the plagues really happen? Is this history or drama?
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