Lecture 2: Exodus and its place in Jewish Scriptures. Moses' Birth and Call (Ch 1-3)
  • How did the Jewish people come to be in Egypt? What answers can be found in the book of Genesis?
  • Why is Moses so foundational to the whole of Jewish Scripture?
  • How much of the book of Exodus is historical fact given this story was re-told and re-interpreted
    over many Passovers? If not all is fact then how did it become so foundational to Jews and Christians?
  • What are the 3 major narratives in the book of Exodus?
  • Why is this book so important to Liberation Theology and the ‘Option for the Poor’ in Catholic practice?
  • This is the first time that we find the ‘sons of Israel’ being a “People” – who first calls them in that way?
  • What are the origins of the word “Hebrews” and why do we prefer to say “Jews” today?
  • What parallels are there between the infancy narrative of Moses and the Akkadian King Sargon?
    How do we interpret this similarity?
  • In what way does the text of Moses’ youth prepare us for his mission of liberation?
  • What are the differences between the Greek and Hebrew understandings of Gods’ name?
    Do the differences matter?
  • The J and E sources of Exodus give us different stories of what happened. Can they both be true?
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