Lecture 10: The Golden Calf, Renewal of the Covenant and Building of the Temple.
                  What sort of God Emerges from Exodus? (Ch 32-40)
  • In Jewish history the people were often reminded that they had exchanged the image of God
    for that of a grass eating ox! What does this mean?
  • What is the evidence for saying the Golden Calf story is complex and somewhat contradictory?
  • Some commentators say that the story reflects conflict between North and South Kingdoms.
  • What evidence is there for this?
  • The story of Israel’s redemption is equally the story of Israel’s disobedience. How is this exemplified
    in the Golden Calf story?
  • How do we fashion God into our own image? What are the differences between faith and religion?
  • What is ‘Iconoclasm’ and when did the two great Iconoclastic movements in church history take place?
  • How is the intimacy between God and Moses shown at Mt. Sinai? Who is the mediator between God
    and us in the church today?
  • Holy days are discussed in the Ritual Decalogue (feast of unleavened bread, pentecost, festival of
    weeks, festival of booths) – from what agricultural feast days do they originate? Which holy day
    recalled the giving of the law on Mt Sinai?
  • In what ways does the description of the building of the temple reflect the issues of the time of exile?
  • How does St Paul change this word “temple” in his theology?
  • How does Richard Dawkins describe the God of the Old Testament in The God Delusion? How do we understand the seemingly unpleasant characteristics of God in Exodus?
  • Israel ’s image of God gradually changed from being more tribal and primitive into one where God
    became a friend. Has our development followed a similar path?
  • What fundamental ideas about human freedom and God’s indwelling emerge from the book of Exodus?
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