Our Lady of Sacred Heart, Parish Randwick &  St Margaret Mary's, Parish Randwick North
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Download March 2017: Confraternity of OLSH cont; John Ribat 1st MSC Cardinal from PNG

Download April 2017: Foundation Annals Magazine & Pilgrimages to Issoudun

Download May 2017: Fr Chevalier begins MSC "Third (Lay) Order"& secular priests of S Heart; Fr Matthew Smith MSC builds Randwick OLSH Shrine 1932

Download June 2017: Growth of MSC leading up to foundation of OLSH Sisters in 1874

Download July 2017: Foundation of OLSH Sisters, Issoudun 1874

Download August 2017: Extraordinary expansion MSC devotion in Mexico from 1862

Download September 2017: Foundation of OLSH Sisters


Download March 2016: Fr Chevalier, newly ordained, appointed to Issoudun

Download April 2016: 1854 Foundation of MSC at Issoudun

Download May 2016: MSC Spirituality: Fr Treand MSC, Randwick

Download June 2016: Spirituality of the Heart - Fr Cuskelly MSC

Download July 2016: MSC Spirituality cont; Beatification of MSC Martyrs Spanish Civil War, 1930s

Download August 2016: Origin of the title, O.L.S.H.

Download September 2016: Images of O.L.S.H and troubles over it with Rome

Download October 2016: Confraternity of O.L.S.H. phenomenal spread around the world


Download May 2015:Foundation of MSC - overview

Download June 2015: Early life of Jules Chevalier

Download July 2015: Seminary life of Fr Chevalier

Download August 2015: 130 Years of OLSH Parish , Randwick

Download Sept2015: Ordination of Fr Chevalier; Beatificaton of Mr Benedict Daswa, Sth Africa 1990s

Download October: First MSC to australia 1882

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