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  + Children's Liturgy
Role:   To provide an alternate liturgy during the Mass that is more relevant for children.
Description:   All liturgy should have an impact. It should be a celebration rich in symbols, signs, gestures, music, movement, prayer, scripture, worship, meditation, liturgical space and objects, participation by all and an expression of spirituality. Liturgy should speak to the hearts of all. It should celebrate nature, the holiness and humanity of God, and community.. The Liturgy of the Word, however, is mainly geared to the adult community. But children, too, need to be partners with the whole community in the wonder and enrichment that the celebration brings to each adult. Children enjoy repetition, ritualism and symbolism, and if understanding of the liturgy can be made interesting to them, then so much more can their participation, spirituality and sense of belonging become a natural and celebrated part of their worship and understanding of God and the scriptures...

The celebration of the Word with Children program, although enacted apart from the main assembly, is not different from the liturgy of the main assembly…it consists of prayer of the day, singing, reading God’s Word, reflection on the readings through discussion and understanding, activities based on the Word, and finishing with intercessions and a simple creed. The children then return to the main assembly to be greeted by the priest and the congregation... some carrying the offertory.

The children’s Liturgy of the Word, lovingly referred to as “ Kid’s Church “, is conducted every Sunday of the school term at the 10am Mass, although the 4th Sunday in each month is most often a Family Mass.
Leader & Contact:   Claudette Ashburner (ph) 93981351 (email) claudetteashburner@hotmail.com

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