Lecture 9: The Passion Narrative and Resurrection
  • Was the Last Supper the Passover? How does Matthew interpret this meal?
  • What do we learn about Jesus from the Gethsemane scene?
  • What was central to the Jewish authorities’ grievances against Jesus? What was the Roman
    charge against him?
  • Who was ultimately responsible for Jesus’ death?
  • Is there a meaningful parallel between Peter and Judas? Was Barabbas real?
  • How do the 3 mocking scenes in Matthew’s Passion Narrative compare?
  • Describe Jesus’ death in Matthew. How do we understand the cosmic events surrounding his death?
  • Why does Matthew speak of guards at the tomb?
  • How is Matthew’s account of the Resurrection different from Mark’s? What is the final scene in
    Galilee all about?
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