Lecture 6: The Transfiguration, Discourse on Community & The Costly Values of the Kingdom (Ch 17-19)
  • Following Peter’s confession in chapter 16 why does one commentator call the Transfiguration
    “God’s Confession” of who Jesus really is?
  • Though not mentioned in the Gospel, when and why did Mt Tabor become the accepted place of
    the Transfiguration?
  • How does Jesus show suffering as a pathway to resurrection, not a counter against being a beloved son
    or daughter of God?
  • Is Jesus asking us to be childlike (in wonder, trust etc) or is this more about humility and moving away
    from status and power?
  • Why has the church taken the text in 18:6 on “scandalising” little ones literally?
  • There are many ways to God (like devotions, spiritualities, meditation/contemplation to name
    some) – are some superior to others? Like Bo Beep do we believe people will come “home”
    if left alone? Is that the attitude of the Church of the Good Shepherd?
  • If we’re counting – have we really forgiven? Are Christians called to be ever merciful, ever
    compassionate? What is Jesus’ teaching on this and what did St Augustine have to say about
    holding grudges?
  • How was the first Christian monk, St Anthony, inspired by the story of the Rich Young Man?
    What stops our hearts from being free and whole?
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