Lecture 5: Parables, Challenges & Peter (Ch 13-16)
  • The people found the parables challenging and even shocking. Why?
  • There are 7 parables here and 3 have interpretations. We understand the interpretations were
    not from Jesus – where did they come from?
  • How did the early church use allegories of the parables to understand why people fall away from
    the church or why the church is a mixture of both good and bad?
  • What is the “Shema”, the daily profession of faith for Jews?
    How does 13:15-52 “Treasures New and Old” show Matthew to be a Scribe.
  • How does Jesus’ actions during the feeding of the five thousand relate to the structure of the
    second part of the Catholic Mass.
  • Matthew has Jesus using the words “Ego Emi” (“I am”) during the walking on water. What are
    the parallels to Exodus and Isaiah?
  • Why was water a symbol of chaos for the Jewish people?
  • Jesus talks of love and mercy above human regulations. How is the disposition of the heart
    central to this?
  • Jesus is “outwitted” by the Canaanite woman and changes! Is this where Jesus starts to re-think
    his ministry to the “lost sheep of Israel” and starts thinking of the Gentiles?
  • Peter’s confession is in 16:16. Why is this so important to Catholics? Why do the words
    Ecclesia/Church and Synagogue start to be used separately?
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