Lecture 4: Miracles, Mission & Misunderstandings (Ch 9-12)
  • How does the healing of the paralytic symbolize our healing from sin? Why are the more colourful
    details from Mark’s Gospel omitted in Matthew?
  • "For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice" (Hosea 6:6) is a theme for Jesus in Matthew's
    Gospel, why?
  • Chapter 10 shows the writing craft of the Scribe writer. The structure of the chapter is "Chiastic".
    What does that mean and what section is therefore shown to be most important?
  • What is "Jesus' brilliance" in his story about the children playing weddings or funerals?
  • Dying We Live is a collection of letters by prisoners awaiting execution in Nazi Germany.
    How do they exemplify Jesus’ teachings for when we suffer persecution?
  • Why is our faith journey and having open hearts more important than our “study”?
  • The Chiastic order can be shown to apply to the first part of Matthew – Chapter 1-12.
  • What importance does that give to Jesus’ teachings (sermon on the mount) and to his ten healings/miracles?
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