Lecture 3: The Coming of the Kingdom Among Us: Jesus the Teacher, Jesus the Healer (Ch 5-9)
  • How does Matthew present "mercy" and "justice" being our way to understand the heart of the law?
  • Matthew has Jesus "fulfilling" the law – how does this contrast to Moses role?
  • What is the meaning of "Blessed" and what do the Beatitudes say about followers of Jesus?
    Why are the words "meek" and "righteous" important to Matthew?
  • What attitude do Christians today have to the law and commandments? How did Jesus' interpretation
    of the law surpass that of the Pharisees? Why are the words "You’ve heard how it was said…but I
    say to you" so extraordinary?
  • What is Jesus' teaching regarding hostility and anger? Does he suggest that it is more important to
    reconcile with your brother than to worship?
  • Love your enemy is without parallel in the world of that time. What was the understanding of "love
    your neighbour" at that time?
  • Why is the Our Father prayer a good ecumenical prayer for Jews and Christians to pray together?
    What Aramaic words are present in the Greek translation and what importance does that have?
  • What is the Golden Rule? When did Christians start using this term and why does Matthew use it
    as a conclusion to this first teaching section of this Gospel?
  • What are different ways that we need healing today? What differences are there in the way Matthew
    presents these stories to Mark?
  • Are there miracle stories in the writings of the Rabbis and Pagan authors? How does the ancient
    understanding of "miracle" differ from our contemporary understanding?
  • How do we understand "true cleanness comes not from not touching a leper but something we
    catch from coming close to God"?
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