Lecture 1: Introduction to Matthew’s Gospel and The Infancy Narrative (Ch 1-2)
  • Why is Matthew the first Gospel in the New Testament even though it was not written first?
    What language was it written in initially?
  • What are the different opinions on who is Matthew? Why do we now think Matthew was
    a former scribe in a Christian Synagogue in the 80s?
  • "The Gospel is profoundly Jewish" -Why is this and what is Matthew's attitude towards Judaism?
    How many times does Matthew quote the Jewish Scriptures?
  • What two groups of Judaism survived the destruction of the temple in AD70? How does this
    background change the way we read this Gospel? When were Christians expelled from the Synagogue?
  • How is this Gospel organised. How does it show evidence of Rabbinic thought and practise?
  • What are the first words in the Infancy Narrative and what meanings do we attach to them?
  • When did the term "Son of David" become popular as a term to describe the Christ?
  • What are the Infancy Narratives all about? And if not a disease, what is a Midrash?
  • What parallels are there between the Infancy Narrative of Moses and that of Jesus? Is this Historical
    or Theological?
  • How many Magi were there really?
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