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  + Luke Bible Study
  Luke's account of the death and resurrection of Jesus  
  • Which was the first part of the Gospels to be written?
  • Why wasn’t the crucifixion depicted for the first 300 years? What do we mean we say the resurrection
    is a “mystery”?
  • What year was Jesus crucified and how old was he really? What are the two generally accepted ideas?
  • What are the different reasons given for Jesus’ death by the Roman and the Jewish leaders?
    How is Luke’s account different from the other Gospels?
  • How does Luke depict the crucifixion scene differently to the other Gospel writers?
  • What did Jesus’ cross really look like?
  • What does the name “Barabbas” mean and why is this ironic?
  • What are the images from Isaiah’s Servant Songs that prefigure Jesus’ life and death?
  • Why is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre sacred to Christians?
  • Unlike other groups, the death of Jesus didn’t result in the end of the movement, but a startling change
    for the disciples to start preaching. Why?
  • How important is the empty tomb to our faith? How does the resurrection bring us life?
  • What does Emmaus represent to Luke and to our lives today?
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